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Tractors and Automobiles department

History and mission of the department

The department “Tractors and Automobiles” was founded in 1952. From the beginning of the organization in different years,  the list of workers of the department included Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Nusupov E.S. (head of the department from 1994 to 2000), candidate of technical sciences, associate professors M.P. Podsevalov (head of the department from 1952 to 1974), Belov I.P., Petrenko E.Ya. (head of the department 1974-1980 and 1984-1987), Kiryanov V.M. (head of the department from 1980 to 1984), Fefelov V.A. (head of the department from 1987 to 1992), Osmonov Y.J., Shabolotov T.T. (head of the department from 1992 to 1994), Matkerimov T.Y., Savenkov V.M., Malaev M.D., teachers Nikulin L.K., Shirokov N.F., Yakimov N.I., Kostenko K .N., Dolgopolov A.I., Borisov A.I., Belov A.I., Borgulov D.A., Mazhinov K.K., Esenamanov Sh., Bolotov E.A., Suyuntbekov I.E. and others.

Currently, the department has a highly qualified staff of teachers and teaching support staff, as well as a good educational and material base, which makes it possible to train highly qualified specialists for agriculture at a high level that meets the modern requirements of the agricultural sector. The department carries out educational, methodical, research and educational work among students.

Since 2000, the department has been headed by Ph.D., associate professor, excellent worker in education and agriculture Zhusupov Urmatbek Toktomametovich. Currently, the department employs Ph.D., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Shabolotov Tajimamat Taygaraevich, Ph.D., Associate Professor Samatov Manas Parmanovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor Alymbekov Zholdoshbek Toktogulovich, Ph.D. .technical sciences, associate professor Murzaliev Mansur Mamatkulovich, senior lecturers Aituganov Bakytbek Sharshenalievich, Akmatova Rima Esengulovna, Akmatova Symbat Zhamalovna, Ryskulova Damira Zamirbekovna, Toktoberdiev Anvarbek Arzibekovich, head of laboratories Dootuev Taalaibek Oskonbekovich. The degree of the department is 50%.

The strategy of the department: to maintain and develop  its role as one of the leading departments in the system of higher education in the direction of agricultural engineering.

The mission of the department is to provide modern high-quality higher technical education in the field of agricultural engineering to meet the real needs of agriculture in specialists capable of ensuring technical progress in a continuously changing economic environment.


  1. The department is graduating and provides training of bachelors and masters in the direction 610300 – “Agroengineering”, according to the profile “Technical service in the agro-industrial complex”.

    The department is provided with the necessary equipped laboratories and classrooms:

    – Educational and research laboratory for testing and diagnostics of automotive engines;

    – Training laboratories for the design of tractors and vehicles, where sections of internal combustion engines, components and assemblies of tractors and vehicles, as well as existing training models of tractors T-150K and MTZ-82 are installed;

    – Training laboratory for the diagnostics and adjustment of the elements of the power system of automotive engines

    – Training laboratories for the reliability and repair of machines, equipped with appropriate stands and devices;

    – Educational laboratory for materials science and technology of structural materials, equipped with appropriate machine tools, stands and instruments;

    – Training laboratory on life safety.

    There are wheeled and caterpillar tractors, trucks. In recent years, the renovation of the material and technical base of the department has begun. At the expense of the university, modern tractors Belarus-320.4 and Belarus-892.2 were purchaised. The Japanese company IH-AI-STAR handed over the mini-tractor SHIBAURA ST330. Within the framework of cooperation between KNAU im. K.I. Skryabin and the Minsk Tractor Plant “MTZ-Holding” Republic of Belarus and LLC “Avtomash-Radiator” of the Kyrgyz Republic c a training laboratory for the design of MTZ tractors was founded. The laboratory is equipped with a modern operating training model of the MTZ-82 tractor, visual materials and electronic teaching aids.

The department actively conducts research activities.

Head of the Department U.T. Zhusupov is working on his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Scientific foundations for the development of technology and technical means of rice production in the conditions of the Kyrgyz Republic.” 25 scientific articles have been published on this topic. Currently, under the leadership of U.T. Zhusupov, state budget research work is being carried out on the topic “Development of flow technology and means of mechanization of rice processing”. The executors of this project are graduate students and applicants of the department Akmatova S.Zh., Akmatova R.E., Dootuev T.O., Ryskulova D.Z. and Toktoberdiev A.A.

Postgraduate student Dootuev T.O. is working on a Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Justification of the parameters of the installation for threshing rice.” According to the results of the research, 8 scientific articles were published.

Applicant Akmatova S.Zh. is working on a Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Development of a plant for sowing and water supply for drip irrigation of gourds.” 8 scientific articles have been published on this topic and 2 patents have been received.

 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Murzaliev Mansur Mamatkulovich is working on his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Environmentally safe technology and technical means for processing sheep waste”. Published 8 scientific articles.

Applicant Aytuganov B.Sh. works on the project “Development of a system of machines for business entities for agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic.” 6 scientific articles have been published on this topic. Obtained 5 patents for inventions

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