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Head of the department “Mechanization of Agriculture”, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, honored student of education of the Kyrgyz Republic, laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and new technologies.

           The department “Agricultural Machinery” was founded in 1952 as a part of the faculty “Mechanization of Agriculture”. Earlier the department was called “Agricultural machines”, and since 1996 it has been called “Mechanization of field production”. In order to consolidate since 2001 the department was called “Mechanization of Agriculture”, which includes the disciplines of livestock mechanization and operation of machines and tractors. From the moment of organization of department were defended 1 doctoral dissertation (Orozaliev T.O.) and 9 candidate dissertations (Yakovlev IG, Samoilov PA, Zherdev AM, Shabolotov TT, Chodoev KB, Amatov SH, Osmonkanov TO, Umetalieva CH, Baidolotov SH).


            In different years, the department was headed by:

Tasbulatov H.T. (1952 – 1957), Eremenko V.N. (1957 – 1971), Yakovlev I.G. (1971 – 1982), Samoilov P.A. (1982 – 1988), Fefelov V.A. (1988 – 1990). ), Orozaliev T.O. (1990 – 2004 and 2007 – 2010), Amatov Sh.B. (2004 – 2005), Chodoev K.B. (2005 – 2006) and Osmonkanov T.O. (2006 – 2007). Since October 2010 the department has been headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic Osmonkanov T.O.

            In the 80-year history of the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University in 2001, the young scientists of the department Osmonkanov T.O., Amatov Sh.B., Baidolotov Sh.K. and Junusakunov B.R. became the first laureates of the Kyrgyz Republic Government premium for youth in science and new technologies for a series of papers “Energy-saving technology sowing small-seeded crops” under the general management of Prof. Orozaliev T.O.

              Currently, the department is headed by candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Osmonkanov T.O., doctor of agricultural sciences, associate professor Nazarov S.O., candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Amatov Sh.B., candidate of technical sciences, senior teacher Baidolotov Sh.K., senior teachers Orozalieva T.T., Nuraliev B.S., Djakipov S.Ch., head of the laboratory Uzakbaeva Elmira, assistant Duyshobek u.N.

Направления и профили/программы

Since 2012/13 academic year the chair admits bachelors in the direction 610300 – “Agroengineering” with the profile “Technical systems in agribusiness”. At the Master’s degree on this specialty are trained graduates of 2 years, and graduates of other majors – 2.5 or 3 years. Every year the State Attestation Commission graduates at least 40 young specialists in 610300 – “Agroengineering” at the full-time and distance departments.

The department is provided with the necessary equipped laboratories, classrooms and agricultural machinery park (over 180 items), where in the process of study are demonstrated tillage machines, sowing machines, machines for plant care and chemical treatment of plants, harvesting agricultural machinery. In recent years, has started updating the machine-tractor park faculty. At the expense of the University was purchased: tractor Belarus-320.4, loading equipment and rotary mower TOV-1-35. Japanese company IH-AI-STAR donated to our university agricultural equipment: mini-tractor SHIBAURA, rotary mower, rotary rake and baler. On the basis of the department operates a line for pelleting seeds of crops, where graduate students and applicants of the department carry out their dissertations. Negotiations were held with the Belarus MTZ holding and the Russian factory “Rostselmash” about mutual cooperation in the field of mechanization of agriculture.

The department is actively involved in research activities. At present, research work on the development and creation of the construction of a universal seeding machine, as well as a machine for dragging the seeds of crops is carried out. Staff members of the department Osmonkanov T.O. and Amatov Sh.B. and Baidolotov Sh.K. involved in the problem of seeding, distribution and cultivation in the soil of the seeds of crops and the creation of the design of a new universal seeding machine. And co-researchers Djakipov S.C. and Düyshonbek uulu N. deal with the problem of crop seeds pelletizing with the subsequent creation of the design of a new seed pelletizer. By results of long-term scientific researches on subjects: “Perfection of construction of machines and technologies of seeding and cultivation of small-seeded crops” the authors received 10 patents for invention and 7 rationalization proposals.


Osmonkanov Taalaibek Orozbekovich.

Head of the Department Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Professor of Education, Honorary Professor of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic.

E-mail: oto-40@mail.ru

Sharabidin Bazarbaevich Amatov

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Professor of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.
E-mail: sharab93@mail.ru

Nazarov Sadyk Ymүrbekovich

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Professor of Education, Honorary Professor of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic.
E-mail: n.sadyk53@mail.ru

Baidolotov Shahim Kubatovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Acting Associate Professor
E-mail: shahim@mail.ru

Orozalieva Tokzhan Turganbaevna

Senior Lecturer
E-mail: torozaliyeva71@mail.ru

Dzhakipov Suyunbek Chinturganovich -

senior lecturer
E-mail: suiunbek.j.86@mail.ru

Nuraliev Bakyt Saparbekovich

Senior Lecturer
E-mail: baktybek.nuraliev@mail.ru

Düyshönbek uulu Nursultan

E-mail: d-nur96@mail.ru